Friday, November 8, 2013

"show her the mascaras"

i love going to the beauty counters at the mall
but i also hate them so much.
i went tonight after work, it's pay day.

i do so much research before i buy things
that when the ladies start forcing other products at me, 
going so far as to grab my hand and start painting my nails
with their $22 nail polishes that i just told them i didn't have an interest in
i get really, really annoyed. 

this summer i went to the beauty counters at nordstrom 
before a facial appointment
(lol i sound like a total brat)
so i didn't have a stitch of makeup on, big whoop.
actually huge whoop to the salesladies at the mall.
i swear i was the most popular person in there - 
i had to keep telling everyone,
 "no i have a facial in half an hour that's why i'm not wearing makeup"

my last stop was the dior counter - 
 i was looking at the lipsticks and there were two women behind the counter.
the one in front asked me "can i help you with anything?" 
with her affable, saleswoman smile
and as i was starting to give the standard "no i'm just looking"
the other smiling saleswoman, 
says breathily but forcefully to the first through her teeth, 
while maintaining eye contact with me
like a ventriloquist

i was like listen. i have a facial. now lay off.

when i'm a saleswoman for a beauty counter 
i'm going to be so good at it because 
a) i can sell oral-b power toothbrushes all day easily
b) i won't be a total pushy idiot (lol sound like a brat again)

i will probably visit the beauty counters again on my next pay day. 

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