Thursday, May 31, 2012


...and we thought only pop tarts could turn to deathpaste...
think again

when i asked the twins to (please) get my computer for me today
they asked me "why do you need it"
and i told them i needed to do some research on the mascara i had just bought
bella/chelo asked "do you like it"
my reply: "no, it's like deathpaste on my eyelashes and i can't get it off,
even when i washed my face last night it was still on, and i'm not about to scrape
at my eyelashes and risk pulling them out"

that's my review, 
this deathpaste/mascara has a great mexican soap opera commercial 
starring sofia vergara that made me lol
but i think i'm gonna pull an annoying cvs customer and take it back stat
now, where did i put that receipt?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


great day!
fina-freakingly found that one thing i needed to start my future
¡my boards paciente!
when i was driving home from school the world was my music video
i was singing the words to songs i had never heard before
the sun seemed to be staying up longer than usual
people on the sidewalk smiled at me
i smiled back
i was chugging an entire simply lemonade a roommate left in the fridge (thank you)
i was blasting something embarrassing
(that's what makes you beautiful - 
because i was singing it at school and it was stuck in my head)

my family, even cool dude liam, loves these songs
play them on repeat after dinner and you get a 13 person + dog dance party

Sunday, May 27, 2012

flair pants scrubs

here is something odd
i used to crinnnnge at the idea of wearing scrubs and tennis shoes
now i'm all stoked to get the grey's anatomy scrubs 
and buy tons of obnoxious colored nikes 
with my future paycheck
i get to go to work in flair pants! how lucky!
now all i have to do is acquire buddy holly loupes 
and i'll be the most stylin dh everrrrr 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Friday, May 25, 2012

the very hungry hipster caterpillar

and after all of that,
the very hungry caterpillar
turned hipster and ate the alphabet through a pile of leaves

Thursday, May 24, 2012


i have a strict policy with myself
that when a song gets stuck in my head
no matter the time of day or night i must listen to it
ie) right now.
not even tangled bijangled earbuds can stop me
i untangle that ish and listen until my song craving subsides

thank you, ghw
this has been on repeat
and i may or may not have purchased the entire album
because real money doesn't count when you buy music

learn the lyrics
we got some harmonizing to do
you know who you are

how awk are the three geezers
in the song circle?
in the words of david, second hand embarrassment
HAHA miss you already, daveed

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

dusty, brah

remember when we were at TJMaxx
bein maxxinistas
and dusty found that bieber barbie, walked around the display stand, and came back to it,
picked it up and said
"what the heck i think this justin bieber doll is following me"
haha yidiot!
then he promptly ran into the arms of this giant chimp
that kind of looks like declan as a baby

Monday, May 21, 2012

a series of firsts

i have a penchant for firsts and lasts
you can imagine how fond i was of the last week of college 
when i let everyone know when we were doing something for the last time
ie, last time waking up at the bumcrack of dawn to go to LAVA, CCH, etc
last time sitting in guggie, last mock, comp, blah blah blah

over the past two days i've had a series of firsts
yesterday i bought not one
not two
but three
songs off the top 10 itunes singles thing - i'm embarrassed
i take a little bit of pride in not owning top 40s songs
i'll tell you which ones: ehemmm
duh - call me maybe
double duh - that's what makes you beautiful
and then i got click happy and bought a nicki minaj song?
i think i was on such an itunes high i blacked out and bought it
or maybe i actually like the song, you'll never know

then i got my first ticket
creep highway patrol let me off da hook
i made him lol so he had to
pressure was on because i've always said
"i've never been pulled over and when i do i'm gonna talk my way out of it"
and i did.
yay firsts!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

lake powpow, utah


los angeles got her outdoorsy on

you know katie, now meet jack
we spent five glorious days in the sun in utah
where all the beers are 3.2 coolers and it's an hour ahead
- then that hour ahead does not change on your "smart" phone 
and you wake up an hour too early like a "smart" college grad -

everything was muy fantastico: the mooney, the lake, the rocks, 
jumping off that 100 foot high frightening rock, 
kayaking in a windstorm into a creepy fluorescent cave, the span of stars at night, 
the greasy hair, liar's dice, card games galore,
 katie's gnarlsberg waterskiing wipeout...hehe
but i digress

thank you for inviting me! 
it was a very memorable trip and i'm so grateful to have been able to go!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

grajeeashun day

soooo i grajeeated and now i'm an adult
actually i don't really mind - 
what i'm more concerned about is that i've tried to conceal
where i've gone to school on this blog and now it's out
so please, internet creepster mcphees, don't try to find me and steal me
i love my life too much and katie is back (!!) and we have a whole life planned already