Sunday, September 22, 2013

my brothers



my brothers
seamus, liam, kieran, and declan
have been in a band together for a while
and recently pulled it together to make original songs 
that are really good, really catchy, great melodies, hottest drummer

played their first show a few weeks back with a surprising turnout
again, thank you to everyone who came out that night
and on saturday, played another quick show at a house party
where they were told by quite a few of the people
"definitely best of the night, straight up"

here's a YouTube link for more

also, let the record show:
 i named the band.

no posts for a week because i'm going to NYC!
for fun, to see friends, to spend money, 
and to instagram shots of the skyline like
"Wow, NYC, you never get old"

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

bathroom creatures

first three creature photos are from our house
last one is from the bathroom stall in the honolulu airport
they all make me smile and roll my eyes

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

probably not as much as i should

bringing work home with me for a second

"so what's your flossing like?    
no yeah i totally get it, starting that habit is so hard...
how many times a week would you say you do it?   ok so like every once in a while....
oh right those little picks? um they're better than nothing but you can't curve it that well...
well i just think that you have to try to do it at least every other night to start 
definitely try not to skip two nights in between 
because then that plaque just hardens and gives you gnarly DB* -
and you can't get if off, your toothbrush can't get it off, floss won't, 
just a professional cleaning will.
if you did it every night for a week, you'd see a huge difference, 
less bleeding, it wouldn't hurt, and then you just have to maintain it from there...
plus, you('re) ___________ so healing would happen really fast!
(insert young, seem like you're health-conscious, a cute-girl, etc)
my goal is to make progress every time you come in not just play catch-up"

literally say this 8 times a day and mean it
and they listen, i swear

* i just think this, i don't say it out loud

Monday, September 16, 2013

insane psycho freak

i've been copying my mom. 
in this case, wearing the same rose fragrance as her 
since last summer i think...
it's called
GUEN Beauty Fresh Rose Shower Cologne
and all of the important writing on the packaging is in korean
so i can't read it.

hannah bought it for her for her birthday last year
so i would sneak into her bathroom to "get something" or "weigh myself"
and spritz it on every morning.
finally i went down to the beauty supply to buy my own and
lo and behold, they don't have it anymore, they just have the sample.

so i made it a point to go in there once a week
and bug them to see if they had gotten it in.
no. no, we haven't. no, come back next week.
can i have the sellers contact info please? 
and then one day:
"here just take the sample, you insane psycho freak"
! YES !

however, samples do not last forever.
so i started stalking google. 
literally could not get any search results on it
until this past weekend, when a store in san gabriel
known as "NAIL SUPPLY HOUSE" had it on their website.

went in there today and bought em out.
i gave it such a raving verbal review,
the lady asked me to spray some of my sample on her;
i happily obliged.

sidenote about NAIL SUPPLY HOUSE:
we're talking OPI nail polishes, regularly $8.50, for $5.50
we're talking essie, usually $7.50, for $4.75
we're talking floor-to-ceiling nail polish and nail polish smell - 
at one point i had the feeling i was going to faint 
and thought about stepping outside for a breath of fresh air
 but told myself to keep it together.
great place, might be my first yelp! experience, might not.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

waking up at at 6am on sunday means
you have time to go to mass, go to the market for half & half, 
have coffee, hang out for an hour in the kitchen, 
then make leather pancakes, online shop for an hour, 
take a 2 hour nap, and it's only noon.

plus no sunday blues today
because i don't have work tomorrow!
don't know why but

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Vitamn C

could a diy vitamin c serum be taking the place of my la mer?
i think it is!

if you are curious to learn more, watch this video.
it's thirty minutes, i watched the entire thing twice.

la mer is $150 for the 1 oz
and the packaging is perfection
the color combo is perfection
and it works
but it's $150

buying all of the ingredients 
for the diy vitamin c serum is $15 tops
and it works, possibly even a little better than la mer
i know, i said it
but pores are shrinking, people!
skin is as soft as a baby's bottom!
sunspots are fading!

i've been using a 20% formula at night for 2 weeks, maybe 3
put it on straight outta the shower,
seal it in with CeraVe PM facial moisturizing lotion,
and there are definite results

on occasion i tap into the la mer 
primarily for the smell,
but secondarily because sometimes 
there are areas that need more help

i will continue to buy la mer 
but i will now have to purchase it less often...
this is called a win-win.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


the royal hawaiian, wherest we stayed

wikky-wacky beach, too many peeps

alyssa and i are not being photo-bombed, 
that is kyle, alyssa's super rad, hysterical bro
miss you, bro

pic 10

men: meet kaipo&kaimi far left

if you are ever in a life rut
my advice is that you go to hawaii.

 i realize that not everyone is a "beach person"
(how people are not beach people is so weird to me, but ok)
so you may not like sitting on a beautiful beach all day in perfect weather
(again, what? why? how?)
in that case, "find your beach"

my other advice is do not take a full day tour
in which you are dropped off at the 
polynesian cultural center for SEVEN HOURS.
an entire school day at the polynesian cultural center, i did it.
don't do it. it's not cool, it started out cool (kind of)
but after maybe less than 2 hours, you still have 5 more hours to go
and by 6pm literally, you will howl at the moon. 
we did. see pic 10 above.

let's talk men.
now i'm positive i met two of the most gentlemen men 
i've ever met in my life. they also were of football-player-size-stature.
we call this a win-win.
we also call it i am going to be single forever.
standards raised, and i don't say that for anyone.
still think about it daily, chivalry is not dead in hawaii.

this trip was about 4 weeks ago and
i'll be going back.
ever since i've returned and came out of the mini one-day depression
that i wasn't there anymore,
i have felt completely refreshed,
i have been so appreciative of family, work, play, friends, life.
sounds cheesy, but it's true.

thank you to jade, kaipo, and kaimi for making it such a memorable first trip,
we'll be seeing you real soon!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

testing, testing

are you there?
am i there?

talk about hiatus.
almost nine entire months! 
i could have had a baby by now!
(i don't/didn't)

let's start this up again i think...
i've been thinking about it,
i've been asked about it,
so here we go.

i need to tell you about the following things:
My Brothers
hawaii, hawaii,
men in hawaii,
diy vitamin c serum
chelo's story about barrels
the night the po came
work update, i guess
living at home rocks
plus, more.
stay  tuned.

above photo taken while out with devforev - 
it is my credit card covering my camera hole
(ew, don't say camera hole)
and it's a pretty dece spectrum of colors, yeah?