Friday, August 31, 2012

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

this is a real place

the view for the day
pretty dece
wish you could see the lil bebe sand sharks
i'd rather swim with those than sneak-master sting rays

my abs
liam's smile

dang cute bella
snoozin and treats
treats and snoozin

me lookin like my mom, kinda scary
liam lookin like normal

hey seamus, liam and i are best friends now
hope you like your new, cool friends at law school

some of the group
girls and their top knots, and kieran too
bell-bell keeping the sun out of her eyes

thar she blows
almost everyone is looking
plus: liam's abs

dear new shell,
i've been looking for one of you my whole life
thank you to h-squared for going through the cave to get it for me
because i wimped out

irvine cove 2012

Friday, August 24, 2012

tappin out for the evening

3 days of work and this is me
but my blanket is made out of money

pic from here

Thursday, August 23, 2012

that lil cutie

last week on monday night
we went down to newport and stayed the night
and spent all of tuesday on the beach

about midday a group of hot kids showed up
not the original hot kids, but the nevertheless, a group of hot kids
(you take what you can get, liam).
we ended up in the 70-degree water with them
and literally, i kid you not, no joke, the sets were as big as the picture
just kidding but it felt like it

one of the boys decided to hang with me and katie
and when big ones would come he'd look at me
and he'd go "HELLLLP MEEEE!"
that lil cutie.
when one of his people swam over and asked 
whatcha doin over here?
he said "just hanging out with my future wife"
thanks lil cutie, you made for a cute story

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Monday, August 20, 2012

shark in the water

on sunday in newport there was a parasailer 
flying around for a good part of the day.
she apparently took this picture of a shark right outside wedge,
so close to where we were swimming!
so scary!
and the article says she was 300-400 feet up 
so imagine how massive this thing is!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

get it out of the locker

i've been meaning to do this for a while
and when i say "this" i mean
a post about my locker lock

story 1:
senior year of high school i didn't use my locker
i put the lock on on the first day of class and never went back;
so i just kept everything at home and brought what i needed
(straight As babee)
however, i had to leave my books at school one time
before getting on the bus for our weekend KAIROS retreat 
and not only did i not know which locker was mine, i had forgotten the combo
so they sent me to the dean to get the necessary information.
when i asked her which locker was mine and what my combo was
she got all high and mighty on me,
"you are a senior and you are coming to me for this?"
and she haughtily gave me what i asked for.
when i walked out i was thinking
"well excuse me for being top of the class 
and winning all your awards left and right 
and not being able to remember where my stupid locker is"
brown university book award.
hahaha, glory days

story 2:
then came dental hygiene school and i had a locker again.
this time, everytime i went to my locker
which had a completely different lock on it
i could only remember my high school code
31...13... and i won't tell you that last number becauseeee

story 3:
....i just passed my lock onto little declan who starts high school next week!
awww wittle bebe ducky don't like potato skins going to big boy school now
and i just spent 5 minutes trying to teach him how to open it
and i gave up because he couldn't do it


one of my best friends from high school sent this to me 
totalllly out of the blue today!
prooof of sj glory days
thank god it's blurry or else you'd be able to clearly see
senior in high school tessa with braces

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

looking up

take it from the top:
saint vincent de paul catholic church
doheny library la times room
doheny library hogwarts room
griffith observatory
ucla royce hall
tk burger newport beach

Sunday, August 12, 2012


wolfeyebrows always knows what i like

it would be cool to own a stamp of the image on the bottom
to stamp on envelopes when i send out mail.
it would be my little signature thing to do

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

peeps' pool

hello from under the water
cz got an underwater case for her iphone
and it's awesome! 
there are going to be some homemade 
mermaid swim and mermaid hair videos
happening before the summer officially ends

when chelo saw these she said
"peeps knows how to open his eyes and smile under water?
 that's cool"

Sunday, August 5, 2012

"so much sass"

unexpected email with photos from marcus! 
i love them 
they make me nostalgic; happy & sad all at once
he's very talented, check out his website below:
i just spent a while going through and it's inspiring me to
figure it out.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

okey doke, okeyyy doke

there are too many little quips piling up in my "HAHA" note in my phone
so here is one for you...

this one takes place at the local library,
a place where i have been afraid to enter 
due to the world record fines i accrued with the whole
(for the record, when i dared show my face in that place 
for the first time after the whole thing went down, 
the guy gave me $2 off my hefty fine! yay!)

we've been frequenting the library for the kid's summer reading club
and this week when we all tromped in there together
the librarian came out of somewhere and tried to gingerly weave through us
- mind you, she's been the librarian since seamus and i were tots,
aka she's got to be at least an octogenarian by now - 
and as she's bobbin and weavin she says in her library voice
"hello how are you" and i give the standard "good how are you"
and she goes
"okey doke. okeyyyyy doke."

haha, i'm so tired.
you had to be there.

second picture is a large poster in our library.
due to my position as an unemployed RDH
all i can say to that is:

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

saint joseph's

haven't done a post with sj for a while
and i saw this one in the goodwill by school
i like how lil bebe jesus is just taking a quick timeout

i said august would be job time and today
it happened - 1st interview!
don't know if i'll get it but i hope so