Thursday, January 16, 2014

my strange addiction

i need to stop buying lip products!
(remember this for lent, and maybe next year's NY resolutions)

the revlon moon drops lip conditioner i bought at rite aid today at lunch...

(buy one get one 50% off)

(also bought two other lip colors that seemed like a good idea at lunch but when i tried them on after work i asked my reflection "were you high at lunch?"
and i told my brother who was watching me put  one of them on,
"this is called gothic princess"  
- just so you get the idea of the shade range i was in - 
.... they have been returned)

...has a circle in the middle that is a different color than the outside
like an orange creamsicle, i thought,
i even searched "revlon lip conditioner cross section" to show it but to no avail - 
the above picture was the best i could find, 
but don't be fooled, the tube is emerald green in real life.

i like it and i have no idea how they got it to smell exactly like a grandma!
how did they do that? 
apparently, people hate the smell;
reading the reviews online people used words like
"disgusting" "worst" "terrible" "gross" "cannot stand" "weird"
but i say
"creamy" "dreamy" "supple" "nostalgic" "tasty" "fun!"