Saturday, April 12, 2014

pleased and thank you

so it's lent and i gave up buying myself stuff
i've done well and it isn't easy.
i've also cheated a couple (few, several) times 
but overall i have cut back on stoop purchases which is my purpose

naturally. sephora would send a 15% off coupon this time,
and after talking it over with God, 
we decided it would be ok to make one purchase

i went to the jcpenney sephora with a nars "the multiple" in mind
and decided against it for a multiple of reasons, lol,
- i have a bunch of free sample highlighters already
- i am prone to breakouts at least monthly 
and highlighting them is not something i want to do
- $39
- the testers were really smudged and nasty; 
two of them out of eight or ten were not even available for testing 
- upon testing, my face did not look like kate bosworth's and she swears by these

instead i meandered to the josie maran shelves and took a gander,

background info:
i am into the color of benetint, it suits me,
but putting benetint on my lips does nothing really,
and the benetint balm (apparently discontinued)
 is almost perfect, albeit too sheer

this lip color by josie maran in boundless berry is perfect.
repeat, perfect.
it is everything i know benetint could be.
i am very pleased.
wore it all day at work two days in a row 
and upon exiting my room to check patients out at the front desk
and to check myself out in the full length mirror directly outside my room
i was happy to see it had stayed put and did not need hourly reapplications,
plus i did dab a little from my lips to my cheeks 
and it creates a natural, dewy, flushed look - very kate bosworthy

there other colors and i am interested in the "always cherry"
i will be purchasing after easter as a late birthday present for myself.

i did a good job not buying both with the 15% off coupon because it was lent!
i held back and only let myself buy one although i could have easily purchased both.

-- yes i have been taking prenatal vitamins because they were on sale! --

Thursday, April 10, 2014

foundation highlights

big news: i got highlights.
they look really good,
 they are only little face-framers.
told my mom i should've done it a long time ago
instead of resorting to cutting myself bangs and stuff
when i was feeling like i needed a change.

quick review of these two foundations.
i use foundation, not to cake or hide freckles, etc..
i love my freckles and even some of my sun spots are fine for now
i use to to even skin tone and add some moisture to my face
i also find i am less likely to touch my face if i do my makeup 
which is a good thing.

DIOR - approx $40 and slightly too yellow in color for me.
it is a heavier coverage which i was learning to adjust to 
simply because it was DIOR
yes, i am a lover of packaging 
but i ended up decanting into a smaller little plastic pot 
because the original glass packaging 
was too cumbersome in the makeup bag.
i think this kind of makeup is for grannies? people who like to cake it on?
whatever the case, will not be buying again.

COVERGIRL - it's easy breezy & beautiful
my shade literally disappears on my skin
basically see through yet dewy and youthful
keeping bobbi brown teenage beauty mantra in my head:
only apply where you need it, not all over.
it's only $9 and it rocks.

i do want to try bourjois healthy mix foundation
because lisa eldridge likes it a lot
(she calls it "dewy" which is my favorite term when talking makeup)
and it is made in the same factory as all the chanel foundations
perhaps after lent? perhaps.