Thursday, April 10, 2014

foundation highlights

big news: i got highlights.
they look really good,
 they are only little face-framers.
told my mom i should've done it a long time ago
instead of resorting to cutting myself bangs and stuff
when i was feeling like i needed a change.

quick review of these two foundations.
i use foundation, not to cake or hide freckles, etc..
i love my freckles and even some of my sun spots are fine for now
i use to to even skin tone and add some moisture to my face
i also find i am less likely to touch my face if i do my makeup 
which is a good thing.

DIOR - approx $40 and slightly too yellow in color for me.
it is a heavier coverage which i was learning to adjust to 
simply because it was DIOR
yes, i am a lover of packaging 
but i ended up decanting into a smaller little plastic pot 
because the original glass packaging 
was too cumbersome in the makeup bag.
i think this kind of makeup is for grannies? people who like to cake it on?
whatever the case, will not be buying again.

COVERGIRL - it's easy breezy & beautiful
my shade literally disappears on my skin
basically see through yet dewy and youthful
keeping bobbi brown teenage beauty mantra in my head:
only apply where you need it, not all over.
it's only $9 and it rocks.

i do want to try bourjois healthy mix foundation
because lisa eldridge likes it a lot
(she calls it "dewy" which is my favorite term when talking makeup)
and it is made in the same factory as all the chanel foundations
perhaps after lent? perhaps.

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