Wednesday, January 23, 2013

here is the view of LA from my house
kieran took the picture

i'm on the outs with "blogging"
and keeping up with the blogs that i have liked 
since the summer between sophomore and junior year
i click on them and scroll down and think

i meet so many people during the day
hot dad tug boat captains who respond "yeeeep" to all my questions
a woman born without an opposable thumb (!)
longshoremen galore, aka longy's
hairdresser turned longy upon the sudden death of her husband at age 40
over-eager 44 year-old bachelors who want to lend me the book they're reading
bitter teenagers, shy teenagers, funny, outgoing teenagers
stylish grandmas, deaf grandpas
moms who go to work and have two kids under two years old
rad self-proclaimed "hot 55 year old" surfer who said:
 "i don't got a lot of friends out there"
and of course, my precious precious zoe, i love that little girl so much, wow

i have been spending less and less time on my computer
no time for that when you have a real job 
and when you get home you're tired and hungry
and just want to sit at the kitchen table and talk and laugh
or not because sometimes i get home and i am a huge crabapple
last thing that's on my mind is formulating some tra-la-la blog post
about nothing in particular or substantial
kind of like this one 

Sunday, January 13, 2013


shout out to seamus and liam,
then marcus
this song's on repeat

spending the day prepping for
the sunday night blues

Friday, January 11, 2013

no parents weekend 2013

it's gonna be a rager
especially when we:
1a) play in the down down
8a) act out the birth of jesus
10a) sitt aroun and be bord
8b)make a riceicling (recycling*) creation

let the best "we e e nd" ever begin.

Monday, January 7, 2013

swedish lol

when i wrote these i thought i was funny
now that i see them all together
i think i'm annoying

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Saturday, January 5, 2013

eye spy

what do these pictures have in common?
the creme of all cremes,
the creme of the crop,
la mer.

a note about pic 2: 
MARVIS is the most sorry excuse for a toothpaste ever,
the website is like an annoying fashion statement.
at least it has fluoride in it @_@
and why are people still using manual toothbrushes? are we cavemen?
might as well brush your teeth with a splayed branch from the forest.

first 4 photos: into the gloss
last one: mine, baby

Thursday, January 3, 2013


back at it
floss, floss, floss
brush at your gumline
your gums are nasty

today i told a rather unenthused 18 year-old-boy
"you have to floss and even if you floss every day i'll tell you to floss more
so you can't win"
he smiled, he actually smiled.

side note about the last picture: aquafresh is not ADA approved so.....

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


i thought of my first resolution today:
stop cutting my own hair.
i do an okay job most of the time and you can't even tell
but then there are other times when "bangs" are cut
or the length is just one or two months of growth too short.
so, due to the fact that i have a job career and can afford haircuts
i will be waiting til my hair is at a reasonable length to trim again
and then paying a visit to mariana. 
i love haircuts, i hate bangs so much.

until then i must not get bored while scissors are anywhere within my reach
which is more difficult than it sounds.