Saturday, August 4, 2012

okey doke, okeyyy doke

there are too many little quips piling up in my "HAHA" note in my phone
so here is one for you...

this one takes place at the local library,
a place where i have been afraid to enter 
due to the world record fines i accrued with the whole
(for the record, when i dared show my face in that place 
for the first time after the whole thing went down, 
the guy gave me $2 off my hefty fine! yay!)

we've been frequenting the library for the kid's summer reading club
and this week when we all tromped in there together
the librarian came out of somewhere and tried to gingerly weave through us
- mind you, she's been the librarian since seamus and i were tots,
aka she's got to be at least an octogenarian by now - 
and as she's bobbin and weavin she says in her library voice
"hello how are you" and i give the standard "good how are you"
and she goes
"okey doke. okeyyyyy doke."

haha, i'm so tired.
you had to be there.

second picture is a large poster in our library.
due to my position as an unemployed RDH
all i can say to that is:

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