Sunday, August 19, 2012

get it out of the locker

i've been meaning to do this for a while
and when i say "this" i mean
a post about my locker lock

story 1:
senior year of high school i didn't use my locker
i put the lock on on the first day of class and never went back;
so i just kept everything at home and brought what i needed
(straight As babee)
however, i had to leave my books at school one time
before getting on the bus for our weekend KAIROS retreat 
and not only did i not know which locker was mine, i had forgotten the combo
so they sent me to the dean to get the necessary information.
when i asked her which locker was mine and what my combo was
she got all high and mighty on me,
"you are a senior and you are coming to me for this?"
and she haughtily gave me what i asked for.
when i walked out i was thinking
"well excuse me for being top of the class 
and winning all your awards left and right 
and not being able to remember where my stupid locker is"
brown university book award.
hahaha, glory days

story 2:
then came dental hygiene school and i had a locker again.
this time, everytime i went to my locker
which had a completely different lock on it
i could only remember my high school code
31...13... and i won't tell you that last number becauseeee

story 3:
....i just passed my lock onto little declan who starts high school next week!
awww wittle bebe ducky don't like potato skins going to big boy school now
and i just spent 5 minutes trying to teach him how to open it
and i gave up because he couldn't do it


one of my best friends from high school sent this to me 
totalllly out of the blue today!
prooof of sj glory days
thank god it's blurry or else you'd be able to clearly see
senior in high school tessa with braces


  1. "Tessa hopes to continue to succeed after Saint Joseph." fart chance. xx

  2. Some sounds jelly....

    1. someone*

      And who is the Hannah impostor? Creepy