Monday, September 16, 2013

insane psycho freak

i've been copying my mom. 
in this case, wearing the same rose fragrance as her 
since last summer i think...
it's called
GUEN Beauty Fresh Rose Shower Cologne
and all of the important writing on the packaging is in korean
so i can't read it.

hannah bought it for her for her birthday last year
so i would sneak into her bathroom to "get something" or "weigh myself"
and spritz it on every morning.
finally i went down to the beauty supply to buy my own and
lo and behold, they don't have it anymore, they just have the sample.

so i made it a point to go in there once a week
and bug them to see if they had gotten it in.
no. no, we haven't. no, come back next week.
can i have the sellers contact info please? 
and then one day:
"here just take the sample, you insane psycho freak"
! YES !

however, samples do not last forever.
so i started stalking google. 
literally could not get any search results on it
until this past weekend, when a store in san gabriel
known as "NAIL SUPPLY HOUSE" had it on their website.

went in there today and bought em out.
i gave it such a raving verbal review,
the lady asked me to spray some of my sample on her;
i happily obliged.

sidenote about NAIL SUPPLY HOUSE:
we're talking OPI nail polishes, regularly $8.50, for $5.50
we're talking essie, usually $7.50, for $4.75
we're talking floor-to-ceiling nail polish and nail polish smell - 
at one point i had the feeling i was going to faint 
and thought about stepping outside for a breath of fresh air
 but told myself to keep it together.
great place, might be my first yelp! experience, might not.

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