Thursday, May 31, 2012


...and we thought only pop tarts could turn to deathpaste...
think again

when i asked the twins to (please) get my computer for me today
they asked me "why do you need it"
and i told them i needed to do some research on the mascara i had just bought
bella/chelo asked "do you like it"
my reply: "no, it's like deathpaste on my eyelashes and i can't get it off,
even when i washed my face last night it was still on, and i'm not about to scrape
at my eyelashes and risk pulling them out"

that's my review, 
this deathpaste/mascara has a great mexican soap opera commercial 
starring sofia vergara that made me lol
but i think i'm gonna pull an annoying cvs customer and take it back stat
now, where did i put that receipt?

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