Monday, May 21, 2012

a series of firsts

i have a penchant for firsts and lasts
you can imagine how fond i was of the last week of college 
when i let everyone know when we were doing something for the last time
ie, last time waking up at the bumcrack of dawn to go to LAVA, CCH, etc
last time sitting in guggie, last mock, comp, blah blah blah

over the past two days i've had a series of firsts
yesterday i bought not one
not two
but three
songs off the top 10 itunes singles thing - i'm embarrassed
i take a little bit of pride in not owning top 40s songs
i'll tell you which ones: ehemmm
duh - call me maybe
double duh - that's what makes you beautiful
and then i got click happy and bought a nicki minaj song?
i think i was on such an itunes high i blacked out and bought it
or maybe i actually like the song, you'll never know

then i got my first ticket
creep highway patrol let me off da hook
i made him lol so he had to
pressure was on because i've always said
"i've never been pulled over and when i do i'm gonna talk my way out of it"
and i did.
yay firsts!

1 comment:

  1. You go girl!....and one direction makes me so happy so i do not blame you...(: