Monday, November 18, 2013

you have an ant in your mustache

today it was very awkward when an ant was crawling on my patient's bib
so i flicked it off, but it stuck to my gloved finger
and when i went to pull his lip back to continue working on the upper left quad
it went in his mustache and started crawling around
and i had to casually get it out all nonchalant
where the heck did that ant come from?
his pants i think

it's also awkward that my hottest guy patient came in today
and he doesn't brush very well or floss at all
and i don't have to courage to give him "the lecture"
because he's that attractive and also 6'7"

to tie these two anecdotes together i chose a picture of mustached christian bale:
a hot guy with a mustache.

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