Wednesday, October 17, 2012

my cream come true

if you know me well enough
you know i'm all about my serums, cremes, creams, moisturizing oils...
the list of fancy synonyms for lotions could go on.
in the past month, because i was trying to be "thrifty" 
and plebeian about which day face creams i use, 
(in addition to the fact that the moisturizer i was using was discontinued),
i tested three different drugstore daily moisturizers.
surprise, surprise they STUNK. 

first one is not pictured - it was eucerin something rather with SPF, $8.99 - 
it turned my face white as a ghost. that's a no.
so i bought the boot's no. 7 "beautiful skin" SPF 15, $13.99 - 
which was the replacement product for my discontinued boot's advanced hydration.
too much fragrance, no dew-factor, not thick enough, 
and the packaging was cheapo plastic - no "beautiful skin" here!
so i bought burt's bees sensitive skin night cream, $14.99, for the daytime (novel idea),
thinking it would be richer, heavier consistency, more moisturizing...
wrong! that stuff's like milk! like water even! i can't have that.

long-and-pointless-story short,
i finally got fed up and purchased the product i knew would work the whole time:
- aka my cream come true -
it's thick, it has SPF, it smells clean, it's dewy, packaging rocks, it's perfect.
i returned all those other sub-par ones to their respective CVS or target;
yes i kept those receipts because i know myself too well,
at some point i was gonna cave and get the one i wanted

i do realize no one in the world cares about this at all
except maybe the ladies and gentleman over at my favorite, into the gloss.