Friday, February 3, 2012

the top shelf

i have been pondering doing a top shelf post for a while
because i get so giddy when there is a new one on into the gloss
it actually makes my day

yesterday i took all the photos of the products that i use 
and then i was thinking "what would i say about these things?"

omg you know like i love st. ives apricot scrub 
(but not the normal kind because the grains are bigger in mine)
i like the kind hannah likes so that i use it all when i go home and then she HATES me
and then i buy her more

reading all the top shelves made me buy egyptian magic
from some lady's garage where i live 
and then approximately 3 weeks later she emailed me and said 
the batch that mine came from was bad and that she would send me a new one
 aaaand it never happened
but i haven't broken out in a weird rash yet....

and then there is the infamous 30 dollar chapstick
that i bought when i was not thinking straight
and it was the best mistake everrrrr
i would buy it again if i only had $30 left for the rest of my life

avene has worked verrrry well, thank you ashley
she got it from me from paris, france
and its 'super cool'
in a french accent
she just texted me. WEIRD.

and i'm gonna wrap it up with the delooshes
rene furterer hair spritz i put in my hair
when i comb it every other day
and then i just got a dry shampoo by them too
so my grease monkey hair stays under control

ohhhh and i only get my makeup and nails done by bella and chelo
they do it the best and sparkliest
 and they compliment you the entire time
imagine being complimented by angels!


  1. did you have bella and chelo style your outfit too? great mix of patterns with that flannel and zebra.

  2. oooooh...disssssssssss!