Monday, December 3, 2012

wow @_@

number 9

reminds me of when hannah mann went to a lunch 
with friends from ireland
 in that gold convertible sebring.
upon their arrival, one of the girls got out of the car 
and started furiously brushing her unkempt, windswept hair
which spurred on one of the boys to make a very exact observation:
wow, that sounds like a horse eating dry oats.

*also, these could all be lines in a kanye rap


  1. I think a lot of these analogies are really refreshing. It's a shame our high school and college teachers break our spirits until we think it is only acceptable to use idioms and maxims uttered countless times before.

    1. I agree, #11 deserves an A+ because that would truly be a rude shock

  2. when you say, "our high school and college teachers," are you referring to the teachers in America or Australia?