Sunday, December 9, 2012

it's official

i have a problem

my favorites...

it costs a pretty penny but i love it
i love rose, its kinda glossy  
but not in a freshman-year-of-high-school lancome juicy tubes way

this is my second or third time around with this,
it's a very flattering pinkish red color.
all the girls in the house own it, even bella and chelo
so a common question asked in the morning is
"do you know where my baby lips is?"

this is one of my more recent purchases
it's like baby lips except $15 more 
and more red and in better packaging
which i am a sucker for, ie) christian dior chapstick

this i bought for hannah hayes for christmas
and then i was like PSYCH
it's really not worth how much it costs - 
it's really soft so it runs out quickly
but i love the feel and light pink color
plus i spend so much money at sephora 
that they send me gift cards in the mail 
so i spent it on this

...lipsticks are a different story, we'll get to that later though
for now, it's sunday brunch time
and i was just handed a champagne + peach drink!

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