Monday, October 8, 2012

carmel weekender

home for the weekend
say hi, jack!

the weekend crew
going for a saturday morning hike-walk
around point lobos


congrats to mr. and mrs. bayless on your wedding!

pretty pretty
beautiful vista
we all had to take a photo in front of it...

this is my and jack's newlywed photo

this is our iconic best friend photo - 
i can imagine my grandchildren
pulling it out of a dusty tin box in my cobwebbed attic;
it will be pretty flimsy and faded,
the corners will be appropriately tattered and possibly burnt:
"oohh this must be grandma tessa's best friend, katie!"

then we ran through some corn
they called it a "corn maze"
but i would have called it a
corn maize
get it?

then we pretended to be that girl/boy in
the disney channel original movie
katie would have taken the gold
and i would have given up because i did

such a relaxing and fun weekend
can't wait to go back!

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