Monday, September 10, 2012


spent sunday morning dripping sweat with ashley
at the rose bowl flea market
i went there thinking i was going to find a snazzy pitcher
if i was lucky enough to happen upon one
and instead i was drawn to everything religious
so many madonna & childs
so many rosaries and medals

got myself a tiny miraculous medal to sew onto a bracelet in the future
and a seafoam green rosary for my car
got liam a crucifix to wear
snapped a pic of this beautiful, wood-carved saint joseph

we won't get into how all the vendors at the flea market
are just talkin' out their ________
spewing bs about where their stuff is from 
how much it's worth
and why a mirrored vanity plate would ever be $100 is beyond me
but she could do $80 on it
how about i give you zero dollars and walk  away
win-win situation, liar

however, later we will get into furniture from the 1960s
big penchant for it at the mo

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