Tuesday, June 12, 2012

sfg mug + a concern

that mug has nothing to do with my concern
it is just my fave color: seafoam green aka 'sfg'

my concern is:
i cannot find my cardboard-lookin moleskine anyyywhere
not only does it have several pointers to self about how to get a job
and lists upon lists of things that i have probably already done,
but it also holds a page  of secrets!!! shoooot
one night i needed to write down some secrets - aka feelings - 
and in my tizzy of emotion i grabbed my to do list notebook
and barfed feelings onto a page and a half...
i can't even remember what i wrote about, this is so 'noyinggg!!
whoever finds it is either 
a) laughing
b) reading the pages hurriedly whilst looking over their shoulder to see if anyone is watching them read someone else's feelings 
c) using the blank pages because it was relatively new
d) all of the above

edit: FOUND it. down the side of my bed @ school because i'm 10 yrs old
but the feelings page is gone so that's a bit odd


  1. "dear diary, today i saw a boy and i wondered if he noticed me, he took my breath away..."
    oooh you so 'mbarrassed!

  2. and i wonder cuz i cain't get him off my miiind and it scares me cuz i've never felt this waaay ooooh yayayahhh
    that was my jam when i was in 4th grade