Wednesday, September 21, 2011

rétárd comments

i've been pondering this for a while - 
a repetitive bloggypost theme like dusty, brah
but where i copy paste some of the hilarious comments
people deem necessary to write on yelp! or youtube, anywhere really

i wish i could say that when i read them i giggle demurely 
like that cutie above
but i don't, i really don't
i guffaw like a donkey out loud
i donkey lol

so without further ado, after yelping cvs pharmacy near usc,
i came upon this gem of a comment:

I like the layout of the place; it flows alot better than other CVSs, but this may be an architectural/aesthetic thing.

What I like most is the area because I can go grab coffee from Seattle's Best, scarf down a [terrible] burrito from Freebirds, get desert from Yogurtland, and end the night with pepto-bismal from CVS.

thank you for that insight Mark S. from Irvine
and for the record, 
 i'm 100% sure you got dessert not desert from yogieland
and it's pepto-bismol with an 'o'

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