Friday, December 10, 2010

two funny stories

story #1

in fifth grade we had this year long project called "state stuff"
we had to do like little worksheets on each state
and part of it was an extra credit arty thing - of course i did err single one

new mexico's said something along the lines of:
draw a picture of the balloon festival in new mexico
i was too lazy to look it up on our encarta 1995 CD-ROM

so i assumed it was normal balloons, got out my crayolas,
and drew some regular balloons on some printer paper
hahaha - little did i know the festival was all about 
hot air balloons

you know what happens when you assume

needless to say, got no credit on that one
but i thought it was funny back then
and i still think it is funny
yes, i still have my state stuff binder
i am proud of it

story #2

wednesday was the feast of the immaculate conception
the first reading was about God finding out that
adam and eve ate the forbidden fruit

in first grade i had to do that reading 
in front of the whole school at mass
and i was suuuuper nervous because i had to read the word
in front of everyone

when i got to the word, i read it, spazzed,
looked up, and when i looked back down,
i couldn't find my place so i decided i was done

"the word of the Lord"

so cute


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