Wednesday, November 17, 2010

you know that feeling when... haven't had water in so long 
and you are super thirsty so you are running
across campus to find some water after a football game and then 
the door of PED is propped open so you sneak inside and it is really dark and creepy
but you tip-toe upstairs and make out with the broken drinking fountain
just to get some water down your gullet and it is
the best feeling in the whole world?

that is what it is like getting off the freeway in san juan capo
to go to the beach house
the best feeling in the whole world

side note: haven't written in my journal since october 10
i need to get my act together and it was my day to do the
dishwasher - hence the overflowing drying rack

guaranteed giggle or guffaw
sterlz, come to my party...please

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